Tangy Carolina BBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce is one of the most common kitchen ingredients. It serves a lot of purposes and adds an excellent taste to many dishes. Our tangy Carolina BBQ sauce is perfect for a whole lot of meals.

You can boost your culinary skills for your home or business with savory delicacies you can achieve with our Tangy BBQ Sauce.

Special Delicacies You can Make With BBQ Sauce

Make a statement with unique BBQ dishes. Apart from the regular dipping, brushing into your recipes or your grilled dishes, you make something more sophisticated with barbeque spice.

Here are some of the dishes you can achieve with our tangy Carolina BBQ sauce;

Barbeque Turkey/Chicken Meatballs

You can make your meatballs even more delicious with BBQ spice. After you have finished baking your chicken or turkey meatballs in the oven, you coat them in your preferred mixture.

Then you thereafter garnish them in the barbeque sauce giving them a refined taste. This dish is a great addition to family dinners or gatherings. You can even add them to your restaurant's menu.

BBQ Chicken Salad

You can add extra spice and flavor to your chicken salad. Different ingredients can be used for the salad, depending on your preference or special recipe.

Your ingredients can contain chicken, bacon, cucumber, lettuce, potatoes, and so on for a delightful taste and smell. Ensure you bake and mix your ingredients properly.

After your salad is ready, sprinkle the BBQ sauce over it and gently mix it. This makes your salad more appealing both to your kids or to your customers.

 Barbecue Onion Rings

Baking barbecue spice with onions is a great way make baked onion rings more palatable. The process is very easy and refreshing.

Onions are the most important ingredient. Slice them into even rings and dip them into flour and eggs. To spice up the mix, add tangy Carolina BBQ sauce.

You can shake off the extra sauce to prevent it from being too thick. Dip the rings into breadcrumbs and ensure they are properly coated.

Arrange the rings on the preheated oven sheets and allow them to bake for few minutes till all the sides are perfectly crispy. Coating the rings with the barbecue from the start gives it an excellent taste

Barbeque Chicken Pizza

You can make your family gatherings more special or attract more patrons to your diners by improving your regular menu. 

Adding barbeque sauce to your chicken pizza can have a great impact on your cooking. The recipe contains chicken, cheese, onion, vegetables, and every other preferred ingredient.

Our barbecue sauce gives a different taste to your pizza, it also gives it a mouth-watering aroma. With something as some as adding a special ingredient, you can make delightful chicken pizza. 

Although barbecue sauce is a great addition to your meals, it is important to shop the sauce from good sources.

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