Solomon Thomas

Looking for the best South Carolina BBQ sauces that can give your food the taste it is missing even if it is well-cooked. Big Dave's All-American BBQ sauces have the perfect ingredients that can give your meals and barbeques a tincture of deliciousness? But do you know that the sauces got their name from the 49ers tackle player D.J Jones. And DJ Jones has a very close bond with Solomon Thomas.

Who Is Solomon Thomas?

Solomon Thomas is a close mate of DJ. Jones and they met each other on the football ground. They were selected for the 49ers football team and became close friends along the way.

Along with Thomas, his family also shared a bond of friendship with the Jones family. The families also met each other during the 49ers Rookie Family Symposium. This orientation program allows the family members to join the organization.

How Solomon Thomas Made His Way On Big Dave's Labelling?

Well, being a best friend to DJ Jones, Solomon Thomas cherished the flavor of those spicy yet sweet sauces that are prepared from a homemade recipe.

During the week of Super Bowl LIV, Jones shared his idea of the new 93 BBQ sauce that is ketchup-based. He further mentioned to Thomas that they are willing to put Thomas's picture on the new launch. And Thomas becomes all too eager to put these plans into action.

Chris Thomas, Thomas's father, has been working in the consumer food industry for quite some time. The David Jones and Chris Thomas decided to join hands to start a family-owned business. Chris came forward with his food industry knowledge and Big Dave used his delicious sauce and recipes to create something marvelous. This leads them to develop a brand that can be enjoyed by the entire of Carolina.

The families also have ideas about introducing a Thomas Solar Hot Heat sauce made from quality herbs and spices that can make your simple grilled chicken hotter and much more enjoyable. You might also be able to enjoy a Thomas Marinade very soon, that too comes from a homemade recipe.

Solomon Thomas Foundation:

Solomon Thomas is trying to increase the market for Big Dave's product, to support his Foundation, “The Defensive Line”. Solomon Thomas loses his only sister, Ella, at the age of 24 due to mental health issues. And this pushed him to create this organization. Thomas aims to educate people to talk openly about mental health issues. He wants to normalize the idea of mental disorders and spread awareness on this matter.

The Foundation For People Of Color:

The basic objective of “The Defensive Line” is to prevent the young generation of color people from attempting suicide. By providing the right education, the much-needed support, and help young people communicate using the right means and techniques. This foundation will receive a major portion of earnings from Big Dave’s All American BBQ sauces.

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